My page (with open access copies of many of my articles) can be found here.

My google scholar page can be found

My blog posts at
Crooked Timber can be found here.

My blog posts at
Bij Nader Inzien can be found here (in Dutch). Once in a while, when I write on a topic that is outside the regular [academic] categories, I post it on Buiten Categorie.

Between 2010 and 2015, my term as
a member of the Young Academy (part of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences), I wrote several blogs, including one written together with many others, in which we argued for the many values of sciences, rather than a narrow focus on the economic use of science. We also made a short video on the many values of science - a discussion that hasn't lost its importance.

I contributed several columns to Utrecht University's online magazine DUB, which can be found
here (in Dutch). I also contributed a few pieces to Sociale Vraagstukken (here) and De Omslag (here), and a dozen op-ed pieces to Belgian and Dutch newspaper (no links).

On youtube you can find several interviews with me, as well as
the lecture on economic limitarianism I gave at the Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University, and a lecture I gave to members of labour unions and anti-poverty organisations explaining the relevance of the capability approach for their work. Members of the Human Development and Capability Association can also watch the video of my presidential address at the 2018 Buenos Aires HDCA conference on the Association's website.

In Dutch, you can find
two presentations and a debate between the journalist Rutger Bregman and me on basic income organised by Studium Generale Utrecht; a talk on the moral limits to wealth that I gave at the 2018 Betweter Festival for sciences and the arts; a public talk on the concepts of 'normal' and 'abnormal' in relation to the debate on autism/neurodiversity, and most recently a clip of 55 seconds that the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) made in which I explain what ethics of institutions is and why it matters. I also participated in several episodes of the Dutch Philosophical television programme Het Filosofisch Kwintet.

In May 2010, I conducted an hour-long conversation with Amartya Sen on his ideas on the quality of life, which can be seen in integral fashion
here (part 1) and here (part 2).